Product Code73 00
Rim Diameter (Inside-Out)12"-22"
Rim Diameter (Outside-In)14"-24"
Helper Arm (Plus System)Optional
Single Speed EngineStandart
Two Speed EngineOptional (8-16 Rpm)
Motorcycle Tire Connection PartOptional
Working Pressure8-10 Bar
Gauge RackOptional
Product Dimensions (mm)1410x1145x2120
Net Weight205 kg



Brava Jumbo 12 “-24” Semi Automatic Tire Changer

More than a Brava! To change 24″ tires with Brava, which is born of Siesta 88 (The Legendery Tire Changer of Atek Makina), we designed Brava Jumbo. With the wide, robust body of the semi-automatic tire changers category, you can easily carry out changing operations up to 24″ wheels.

Optional Equipment

You can also optionally provide motorcycle tire disassembly attachments designed to be used in motorcycle services, and you can change the motorcycle tires. With the optional Plus System, you can easily change performance tires.