Product Code59 00
Rim Diameter12"-30"
Centered Rim ConnectionStandart
Helper Arm (Plus System)Standart
Double Bead Breaking ArmStandart
Tyre LiftStandart
Automatic Lever System (Leverless)Standart
Working Pressure8-10 Bar
Product Dimensions (mm)1580x1642x2250
Net Ağırlık530 Kg


Robatek 12″-30″ Full Automatic Tyre Changer

We considered 21st century robot technology and thought how to use this technology in tire disassembly and installation process. Result: Robatek

Leverless System

With the Auto Lever System as standard, you can enjoy quick and easy service when changing tires without using a lever.

Connecting Rim from Center

Center Rim Connetion System is designed for quick and easy connection of wheels up to 30″ in the most optimal way.

Tyre Lift

Designed to quickly and easily perform tire changing operations and prevent injuries, the tire elevator is standardized to speed up the speed of the Robatek.

Integrated Assistive Handles (Plus System)

The helping arms (Plus Systme) used during disassembly and installation on the performance tires is integrated into the Robatek.

Gauge Rack

With the integrated gauge rack in the control panel, you can see how much air is pushed into the tire.