Product Code47N2 00PLUS
Rim Diameter (Inside-Out)10"-22"
Rim Diameter (Outside-In)12"-24"
Helper Arm (Plus System)Standart
Single Speed EngineStandart
Two Speed EngineOptional
Motorcycle Tire Connection PartOptional
Nitro KitStandart
Shocking System (TI System)Optional
Working Pressure8-10 Bar
Net Weight377kg


ZaNitro 10″-24″ Full Automatic Tire Changer Machine

With all of the Zanini 10″-24″ Full Automatic Tire Changer Machine you know, wouldn’t be nice if you could inflate Nitrogen on the tires at the same time. That’s what ZaNitro offers you.

NitroKit: World’s Giant Membrane Generator Manufacturer American Parker

NitroKit, which you can provide the purest nitrogen thanks to American Parker Membrane System Manufacturer, comes as standard in the ZaNitro model. You can better serve your customers by inflating the tire with Nitrogen instead of air after a short period of tire disassembly and installation.

Standart Equipment

The 24″ Plus System, specially designed for performance tires, is standart for ZaNitro Plus.

Optional Equipment

The dual-speed engine system is available as an option in the ZaNitro 10 “-24” Tire Changer Machine.