Our Story

Let's take a look at our 70-year success story together.

  • 1954Establishment

    Our founder, Mustafa Keser, immigrated to Istanbul from Rusçuk, Bulgaria in 1950 and laid the foundations of Atek in Sirkeci, Istanbul.
  • 1960-1961First Briquette Machine

    In his shop in Sirkeci, Istanbul, Mustafa Keser invented the first automatic briquette making machine, an innovation that shaped the industry.
  • 1964Early Passing of Mustafa Keser

    After the early passing of our founder Mustafa Keser, his children Altan, Turhan and Ertan Keser, who had to take over the management of the business, assumed a great responsibility to continue the family legacy and manage the company successfully.
  • 1964-70Lathe Turning

    After the pass of Mustafa Keser, small-scale turning and welding works started to be carried out.
  • 1970Jack Repair

    With jack repair, the automotive after-sales sector was entered.
  • 1975First Bead Breaker Production

    In line with the demand of our customers, we started to manufacture the bead breaking machine.
  • 1977First Inner Tire Vulcanizing Machine

    As the end of the 1970s approached, the production of vulcanizing machines was started in order to hot patch punctured inner tubes.
  • 1982First Tire Changer Production

    Again, in line with the demand of our customer, the production of 3-jaws manual type of tire changing machines started.
  • 1988Production of the Legendary Siesta 88

    In 1988, the production of the Siesta 88 model, which has been used for generations and has become a legend, began.
  • 1989First Multi Impact Wrench

    The production of Multi 1" electric lug nut remover machine has started (electrical impact wrench for trucks).
  • 1991Starting for Production of "Allegro"

    In the 90s, the production of the Allegro truck and bus tire changing machine started.
  • 1992First Rim Straightener Production

    The "König" series was launched in 1992 and the first wheel straightening production began.
  • 1995First Overseas Exhibition

    The foundations of the export journey were laid by participating in the first international fair with Autopromotec Bologna.
  • 1996Hadımköy Factory

    Production started in the production facilities in Hadımköy.
  • 1996OEM Jack Manufacturing

    A total of 20,000 annual jacking agreements were signed with Mercedes Benz Truck and Mütsubishi TEMSA.
  • 2000Production of Vehicle Lifting Lifts

    Production of vehicle lifting fibres with platform lift started.
  • 2001Atek Mashina Established

    Atek Mashina, the European warehouse and sales point of Atek Group, was established in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  • 2002Classic Series Tire Changer Manufacturing

    The production of disassembly and assembly machines, which are nowadays gathered under the name of Classic Series, started (Brava, Pikola, Riviera, Zanini).
  • 2003Professional Series Rim Straighteners

    Production of Professional Series rim straightening machines with NC Laser and Digital was started.
  • 2010Establishment of Atek Lift

    ATEK Lift, the market leader in the tail lifts sector, was established in 2010.
  • 2018Professional Series Tire Changers

    Started production of professional series tire changers (Wings, Piero, Calipso, Manager).
  • 2020Elegsance Wheel Diamond Cutting CNC

    The production of Elegance, the world's most easy-to-use wheel cnc machine, has started.
  • 2022Charisma

    Charisma Wheel Diamond cutting machine was launched.